Rare Prestige

distilleriedupeyratorganiccognac24About the product:

Location of the vineyard : in the Fins Bois delimited area of production, just a few km away from the delimited Grande Champagne area, also known as the first cru.

Terroir : because of its proximity to the Grande Champagne area, the vineyard benefits from 2 terroirs, producing assemblages (blends) that have strength and fullness, but will yet be round, supple and mature quicker than cognacs from the Grande Champagne.

Age : this Rare Prestige is a minimum of 7 years old.

Production : about 160 000 bottles per year.

House style: subtle, fruity.

Tasting notes : vanilla, plum, apricot aromas – refined, light, mellow and round on the palate.

“…The fragrance comes rushing out of the glass in succulent waves of ripe grapes, plums, and new leather scents…. The fruitiness turns into keen spiciness, as vibrant, complex scents of cinnamon, clove and vanilla bean all hit the right notes….. Superb.”

Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal, Dec. 2009 – Highly Recommended / 4 stars